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POP 6 Smab

« It’s all in the blend »
Just as the taste of a wine depends on the terroir in which its constituent grapes are grown, so are the individual characteristics of pepper varieties influenced by the specific location of their cultivation. This is what makes the best pepper such a noble, exceptional condiment.
Erwann de Kerros, who scours the world in search of spices, and who supplies Serge’n Pepper, is intimately acquainted with every parcel of land on which the peppers we use are grown.

The careful selection of pepper varieties, and the manner in which they are milled and combined, ensure that Serge’n Pepper’s blends are unique in their taste and aroma. As a cooking ingredient or a table condiment, our concoctions add value to any dish.

Net weight : 15 g
Ingredients : Black Tellichery, White Penja, Voatsiperifery, Black Brazilian, Batak Berry .

black Tellichery pepper

Black Tellichery

11º 46′ 02” N 75º 29′ 55” E

Spicy, delicate and elegant, this Indian pepper has a smooth aroma with woody and citrus notes.

White Penja pepper

White Penja

4º 38′ 00” N 9º 41′ 00” E

A global success benefitting from Protected Geographic Indication Status since 1994, this white pepper from Cameroon’s Penja Valley is quite hot with a taste that lingers on the palate.

Voatsiperifery pepper

Wild Voatsiperifery

13º 18′ 55” S 48º 16′ 03” E

This delicate pepper from Madagascar has a woody and fruity aroma with strong taste notes of charred herbs.

Black brazilian pepper

Black Brazilian

1º 27′ 21” S 48º 30′ 14” W

Ideal for enlivening marinated meat, this Brazilian pepper features notes of camphor, aniseed, menthol and fruit.

Batak berry

Batak Berries

2º 49′ 23” N 98º 36′ 35” E

Grown in Indonesia, these berries deliver and intense citrus flavour, almost like grapefruit, to the nose and palate.

POP 6 is included in Collection 2

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