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POP 5 Marlon B

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Serge cooks without using salt because he doesn’t believe the ingredient adds any value to his dishes. But, to the delight of his family and other lucky guests at his table, his meals have long benefitted from the addition of his hand-blended mixtures of exotic pepper varieties.

Serge’n Pepper’s philosophy is underpinned by the idea that pepper is central to good taste. Pepper on everything, pepper for all.

Net weight : 15 g
Ingredients : Red Kampot, Voatsiperifery, Cubeb.

Red Kampot pepper

Red Kampot

11º 33′ N 104º 55′ E

Grown in Cambodia, Red Kampot is widely considered to be one of the finest peppers in the world. It boasts a powerful fruity aroma and a slightly sweet taste.

Voatsiperifery pepper

Wild Voatsiperifery

13º 18′ 55” S 48º 16′ 03” E

This delicate pepper from Madagascar has a woody and fruity aroma with strong taste notes of charred herbs.

Cubeb pepper

Poivre Cubèbe

6º 10′ 05” S 106º 49′ 07” E

This fairly hot Indonesian pepper, also known as Tailed Pepper, is a staple of Asian cuisine.

POP 5 is included in Collection 2

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