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« World traveller »
First cultivated on the Malabar Coast in India’s Kerala State, pepper, Piper nigrum, left on boats and the backs of camels and men to conquer the whole world. Varieties are now grown in Nepal, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Brazil, Madagascar and New Zealand.
The explorer Erwann de Kerros, in his tireless search for new discoveries, has meticulously identified the range of pepper varieties that so enrich the blends produced by Serge’n Pepper.

Net weight : 15 g
Ingredients : White Penja, Voatsiperifery, Timur Berries, Allspice

Voatsiperifery pepper

Wild Voatsiperifery

13º 18′ 55” S 48º 16′ 03” E

This delicate pepper from Madagascar has a woody and fruity aroma with strong taste notes of charred herbs.

Timur berry

Timur Berries

26º 32′ N 86º 44′ E

Harvested in the mountains of Nepal, these berries, also known as « grapefruit pepper », boasts woody and citrus aromas.

White Penja pepper

White Penja

4º 38′ 00” N 9º 41′ 00” E

A global success benefitting from Protected Geographic Indication Status since 1994, this white pepper from Cameroon’s Penja Valley is quite hot with a taste that lingers on the palate.



16º 54′ 52” N 90º 18′ 08” W

Favoured by the Aztecs in times long passed, this berry has woody notes with flavours of red fruits, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper.

POP 4 is included in Collection 2

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