Pop 3

POP 3 Luna-Azara

« The Pepper Road »
Humans have been consuming pepper for at least 4,000 years and the spice has been a valuable commodity for almost as long. In the 15th century, Italians dominated the international trade in pepper, whose high cost made it much sought after and even fought over. After the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494, Portugal won exclusive trading rights covering half the countries in the world where pepper was cultivated. In 1498, Vasco da Gama went to India – after circumnavigating Africa – in search of « Christians and spice ».

In 2016, Serge’n Pepper asked Erwann de Kerros, a world traveller and explorer of pepper-growing lands, to bring back from his voyages the fine comestibles which will delight lovers of Serge’n Pepper’s Pocket Pepper Pack.

Net weight : 15 g
Ingredients : Lampong, Cubeb, Sarawak, Passion Berry.

Lampong pepper


5º 27′  S 105º 16′ E

A Piper Nigrum grown in Indonesia, this pepper is full of character, with woody, herbal and spicy notes.

Cubeb pepper


6º 10′ 05” S 106º 49′ 07” E

This fairly hot Indonesian pepper, also known as Tailed Pepper, is a staple of Asian cuisine.

Sarawak pepper


1º N 114º E

Harvested by hand berry by berry then dried in the sun, this Malaysian pepper features delicate, slightly woody, aromas

Passion berry

Passion Berry

6º 17′ 05” N 36º 31′ 07” E

This Ethiopian berry has exotic and sweet notes redolent of passion fruit and red fruits.

POP 3 is included in Collection 1

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