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« Taste and terroir »
Peppercorns are the berries of a vine that wraps itself around other vegetation, such as coffee, tea, and rubber plants. Different varieties take their character from the terroir – a combination of the soil type, climate and other environmental factors – in which the host plant is cultivated. Some varieties, such as Piper nigrum, Piper cubeba and Piper longum, are known as « true peppers » because they share the genus Piper, but others, while they may taste « peppery » thanks to the presence of the chemical piperine, are the berries of entirely different families of plants.

Serge’n Pepper has a deep knowledge of the different varieties and assembles them in unique blends.

Net weight : 15 g
Ingredients : Red Kampot, Black Kampot, Black Penja, Voatsiperifery, Timur Berry, Allspice.

Black Penja pepper

Black Penja

4º 38′ 00” N 9º 41′ 00” E

A lightly spicy pepper, Black Penja has a mildly acidic heat to it.

Black Kampot pepper

Black Kampot

11º 33′ 00” N 104º 55′ E

This finest of peppers has a subtle potency, with fruity and mentholated notes.

Voatsiperifery pepper

Wild Voatsiperifery

13º 18′ 55” S 48º 16′ 03” E

This delicate pepper from Madagascar has a woody and fruity aroma with strong taste notes of charred herbs.

Red Kampot pepper

Red Kampot

11º 33′ 00” N 104º 55′ E

Grown in Cambodia, Red Kampot is widely considered as one of the finest peppers in the world. It boasts a powerful fruity aroma and a slightly sweet taste.

Timur berry

Timur Berries

26º 32′ N 86º 44′ E

Harvested in the mountains of Nepal, these berries, also known as “grapefruit pepper”, boasts woody and citrus aromas.



16º 54′ 52” N 90º 18′ 07” W

Favoured by the Aztecs in times long passed, this berry has woody notes with flavours of red fruits, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper.

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