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POP 1 Naoil

« Fit for the gods »
So prized was pepper in ancient times that it was often referred to as « black gold » and in some cultures was used as offerings to the gods. In Europe in the Middle Ages, a nobleman’s worth was measured by the quantity of pepper he owned. The historic value of pepper lives on to this day in the French language, where the term for « paying in cash » – « payer en espèces » – is directly linked to the French for « spices »: « épices ».

Net weight : 15 g
Ingredients :  Black Malabar, Cubeb, Red Kampot, White Penja and Batak Berry.

Malabar pepper

Black Malabar

12º 01′ 00” N 75º 17′ 00” E

From India’s Malabar Coast, the cradle of pepper, this Piper Nigrum, harvested when the berries are mature, has particularly fresh notes.

Cubeb pepper


6º 10′ 05” S 106º 49′ 07” E

This fairly hot Indonesian pepper, also known as Tailed Pepper, is a staple of Asian cuisine

Red Kampot pepper

Red Kampot

11º 33′ N 105º 55′ E

Grown in Cambodia, Red Kampot is widely considered as one of the finest peppers in the world. It boasts a powerful fruity aroma and a slightly sweet taste.

White Penja pepper

White Penja

4º 38′ 00” N 9º 41′ 00” E

A global success benefitting from Protected Geographic Indication Status since 1994, this white pepper from Cameroon’s Penja Valley is quite hot with a taste that lingers on the palate.

Batak berry

Batak Berries

2º 49′ 22” N 98º 36′ 35” E

Grown in Indonesia, these berries deliver and intense citrus flavour, almost like grapefruit, to the nose and palate.

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